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Don't have much money to plan your child's birthday?

Let me help you make it awesome on a budget!

If you are struggling with how to plan a birthday party on a budget, our Frugally Awesome Party Planning Secrets is the perfect first step!



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"These budgeting secrets are a must for all birthday parties! This took me from dreading the thought of planning my kids party to excited to start. There are so many clever hacks I would have never thought of - thank you!"
Meagan B. -

Hi! I'm Katrina!

I know how it feels to be broke, and secretly wish your child didn't have an upcoming birthday you needed to plan.

In fact, I founded Frugal Fun Mom because I've spent years planning birthday parties for my three kids, but not without stressing over how to pay for it.

And, many years, our budget was so tight I wished we could just skip the party altogether.

I'm sure you can relate, huh?

If you too are ready to learn the secrets to fun & budget-friendly party planning, then snag my Frugally Awesome Party Planning Secrets now -- trust me, you are going to love it!

Katrina Rauch, Frugal Fun Mom, Owner